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A product company aiming at easing out the pain points of customer

A Digital studio, creating products to meet ever changing challenges met by business houses

To achieve this, we need to be in the ecosystem, emphatically feel the pain points of business and come up with innovative solutions


an introspection and repository tool for Startup, Incubators, Investors and Government


A Networking tool for business collaboration to connect in realtime and explore the unexplored


A product to exchange contact information without the need for visiting cards


Green cloud services, designed-built-managed out of Mysuru.


A cloud stack on desiCloud specifically designed and developed for Aerial Vehicle Applications


A product, which bridges the gap of incubators and startup in realtime and help in acceleration

Entreprise Applications

You have a complex process, we can help you automate it and transform the ease of doing business

We transform your business requirements into software code to meet your technical and functional requirements.

We love, to







cloud Infrastructure

@ desiCloud

A green data center located in Mysuru, will provide you the best of data center facilities for industry agnostic with

server sizing
traffic analysis
DR management
co-Location Services


We help you build tools, which in turns empowers you to take decision affecting your business with the support of data

Dynamic dashboard

Reap the benefits of data/insights

Accelerate business growth

Explore to simpilify and automate your business workflow

Myths about Software Development

Though, I tell my requirements, my software vendor, does not understand and build what I need?

Software Engineering Myths

Fact : Software experts do not know all the requirements for the software development. And all existing processes are incomplete as new software development is based on new and different problem.

Fact : The role of the latest hardware is not very high on standard software development; instead (CASE) Engineering tools help the computer, they are more important than hardware to produce quality and productivity. Hence, the hardware resources are misused.

Fact : If software is late, adding more people will merely make the problem worse. This is because the people already working on the project now need to spend time educating the newcomers, and are thus taken away from their work. The newcomers are also far less productive than the existing software engineers, and so the work put into training them to work on the software does not immediately meet with an appropriate reduction in work.
Customer Myths

Fact : Fact : It is true that software requirements change, but the impact of change varies with the time at which it is introduced. When requirements changes are requested early (before design or code has been started), the cost impact is relatively small. However, as time passes, the cost impact grows rapidly‚ÄĒresources have been committed, a design framework has been established, and change can cause upheaval that requires additional resources and major design modification.

Fact : Official and detailed description of the database function, ethical performance, communication, structural issues and the verification process are important. Unambiguous requirements (usually derived iteratively) are developed only through effective and continuous communication between customer and developer.

Fact : It is true that every 60-80% effort goes into the maintenance phase (as of the latter software release). Efforts are required, where the product is available first delivered to customers.

Fact : Software engineering is not about creating documents. It is about creating a quality product. Better quality leads to reduced rework. And reduced rework results in faster delivery times

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